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Our Vanilla planifolia (Bourbon Type)

We are an Award Winning Vanilla Beans producer.  Our crystallized vanilla beans secured 1st place in the innovation award at SIGEP ITALY 2024 (The biggest and most prestigious pastry and gelato fair in Italy).

Vanilla planifolia emit a rich, familiar vanilla flavor and aroma with spicy, bold, and woody notes. This is the most common and more potent vanilla variety with higher vanillin content, which easily infuses into any dish. Vanilla planifolia is grown in all parts of Indonesia.

Adore vanilla planifolia mainly comes from one of the biggest vanilla producing areas in Indonesia, Sulawesi Island, where we have our factory. We implement sustainability principles in every aspect of the production process. 

Here are the options for our Vanilla planifolia beans:

Vanilla planifolia Gourmet Beans
Vanilla planifolia gourmet beans

Typical subtle bourbon vanilla on the primary note (vanillin) complemented by dominant chocolaty and floral undertones in the secondary note.

Moist, dark brown to black, and oily-looking beans with a typical vanilla smell that is very handy to use in home cooking, restaurants, pastry shops or ice cream shops.

Flavor profile of Adore vanilla planifolia gourmet
Crystallized Vanilla Beans​

Probably the boldest vanilla beans you can find with intense vanilla and caramel note.

Crystal structures on our beans

Our Crystallized Vanilla Beans come from very ripe beans (mostly split beans) from special plantations. It has a brown to dark brown appearance. where vanillin crystal is formed around the beans due to very high vanillin content which reaches a saturation point. This quality is rare because there is only very little curer in the world that can make it which makes our stock sold out quickly because of the high demand for top-level pastry chefs.

The vanillin content of one crystallized bean equals up to an average of three common beans in the market with the same size. This product is usually used by top chefs who need a very high-quality product

Flavor profile of Adore vanilla planifolia crystallized
Extraction Grade Beans

Vanilla Tahitensis

Vanilla tahitensis is prized for its subtle aroma which provides sweetness and cherry-like notes. 

Vanilla tahitensis

Adore vanilla tahitensis is sourced directly from Papua Island, where we sort and inspect the product based on our quality standards. Adore provides gourmet grade and extraction grade Vanilla tahitensis.

Flavor profile of Adore vanilla tahitensis

Sensory Profile

Our trained sensory panelists helps us to describe our vanilla aroma more precisely. From very bold and caramelic crystallized beans, chocolaty gourmet beans, to the common creamy balsamic vanilla on the market, we describe it to you in the following flavor wheels. 

Our vanilla planifolia has stronger chocolaty, floral, and overall sweet profile in comparison with the vanilla in the market which has stronger balsamic and spicy profile. Our vanilla tahitensis is more stronger in anisic flavor profile compare to planifolia. 

"Establishing a long-term business partnership with us ensures that you have direct access to the primary source of high-quality vanilla."


Stable Quantity

We understand that expertise only is not enough to run a sustainable business in commodity. Therefore we also put serious financial investment to secure our commodity stock while doing sustainable trading. By having stable quantity, we can give our customers assurance of product availability.

Extremely Competitive Prices

We eliminate unnecessary chains in our supply chain system. Therefore our farmers even get much higher buying prices from us, but at the same time, we can say that we can be your most price-competitive vanilla suppliers.

Quality Standard

As our team consists of food technologists, we practice to maintain food safety and product quality at every step of the process. We can also create a custom quality of our natural product, as requested by our customers.
One of the examples is we created the highest vanillin content vanilla beans which are called frosted vanilla beans (crystal vanilla beans). We can also customize the vanillin content of our extract-grade vanilla beans since we have the expertise and access directly to the farm.

Other Spices and Natural Products

We also directly source some natural spices from Indonesia based on our quality standards. We take direct sourcing seriously because this activity helps us improve traceability and also allows us to serve our clients with the most competitive prices. We provide Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, Coconut sugar (Organic certified), and many other high quality spices from Indonesia.

We cater industrial needs and facilitate your household needs through our several storages located near your place. Send us your inquiries now!

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