The Pioneer of Sustainable and Inclusive Vanilla Producer in Indonesia

From source to senses, we’re on a mission to make the highest quality vanilla available to everyone with a commitment to sustainability and fair trade. Among the global few producing precious crystallized vanilla beans, we’re possibly the only one that can produce organic certified crystallized vanilla beans on a larger scale. 

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The Only Vanilla Factory
in the Heart of Indonesia’s Vanilla Plantation

Our location grants us an unmatched opportunity to implement inclusive and sustainable practices, which gives us full control over the raw materials. This control is a crucial factor in producing high-quality vanilla beans. With our state-of-the-art facility, we handle the entire production process in-house. This sets us apart from other vanilla suppliers who rely on multiple intermediaries, leading to significant issues in the vanilla ecosystem, such as price build-up, neglect of farmers’ welfare, and compromised quality.

Better Quality, Better Ecosystem

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Our factory’s presence at the source reflects our commitment to support sustainable vanilla ecosystem



Sustainability and Inclusivity: Necessities for winning the raw materials

Vanilla farming is typically managed by smallholder farmers due to its demand for attention to detail, expertise, and considerable patience, making it challenging for large-scale farming.

Being present at the source, leverages us to implement sustainable and inclusive practices.  Our inclusive practices involve considering farmers as part of our extended value chain and prioritizing their well-being sustainably. Although they may not be the ones directly running the company, their role is vital to our success.  These practices give us full control of the supply chains, which allows us can get only the best raw materials which is the necessity to make high-quality vanilla beans.

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Adore Curing Method: Sustaining High-Quality Vanilla Production

We modified Bourbon curing method by making two stages of fermentation, resulting in exceptional vanilla with an outstanding aroma and high vanillin content.

Our high-quality raw materials that are rich in precursor aroma undergo this long process releasing the irresistible vanilla aroma.

Our curing process is a mixture of science and art. It is supervised directly by our curing master with 30 years of experience in vanilla curing.

Our Products


We are an Award Winning Vanilla Beans producer.  Our crystallized vanilla beans secured 1st place in the innovation award at SIGEP ITALY 2024 (The biggest and prestigious pastry and gelato fair in Italy).

Our vanilla planifolia (bourbon type vanilla) is our core competence, and we have dedicated our factory solely to the processing of this particular product to avoid any cross-contaminations. We have several grades of vanilla planifolia, including the commercial scale of the very rare crystallized beans. 

We provide extract, powder, seeds, concentrated extract, and many more vanilla derivatives.

However, in a separate warehouse, we also collect and grade vanilla tahitensis from Papua Island and other spices that flourish in Indonesia’s favorable climate to expand our product offerings and collections. We leverage our sourcing team’s direct presence on the ground to collaborate with farming partners who can provide diverse range of spices: Nutmeg, Cloves, Peppers, Red Ginger, and Cassia Cinnamon.

Not All Vanilla is Created Equal

Creating a perfect Vanilla is a very long process, which take up to 15 months from the flower start blooming. It took 9 months on the tree only to get proper raw materials. Some producers use green vanilla beans that is picked not on the optimum ripeness to get cheaper raw materials will not have good quality vanilla. After that, vanilla need to be cured and observed one by one that takes 4-6 months process. Some producers who do not go through the right curing method to shorten the processing time, will lead to bad quality aroma profile. In Adore, we precisely curate each of those important factors.

Soil quality like the texture and nutrients can give effect to the aroma development. Our active volcanic land is suitable form the development of aromatic compound in many aromatic spices. This is in fact contribute to high vanillin content (aromatic compound in vanilla) which we can see from many crystallized vanilla beans, a phenomenon that occurs when vanillin content is very high and reaching saturation point. 

Beautiful Crystal Structure on Our Crystallized Vanilla Beans

Our High-Quality Vanilla Beans

  • High vanillin content (tested by a European lab of up to 3.8%, with average of 2%, and plentiful crystallized beans, showcasing the richness of vanillin)
  • Gourmet beans with an excellent aroma that is highly favored by renowned chefs and vanilla experts worldwide.
  • Consistent quality and quantity, providing stability and reliability to our customers.
  • Quality guarantee based on vanillin content, assuring customers of our commitment to high-quality vanilla beans.
  • Our price is one of the most competitive since we have the most efficient supply chain.

Trust the Experts! Hear What They Say!

Sensory Profile

Our trained sensory panelists helps us to describe our vanilla aroma more precisely. From very bold and caramelic crystallized beans, chocolaty gourmet beans, to the common creamy balsamic vanilla on the market, we describe it to you in the following flavor wheels.

Trusted by International Trading Institutions

We take great pride in being the only vanilla producer that is audited and selected by Import Promotion Desk Europe (IPD Europe) to participate in its esteemed programs, including ANUGA Fair 2023 in Cologne, Germany.

We are the only real legitimate vanilla producer (not only trader) in Indonesia that is trusted by governmental trade institutions:
  • Supported by the Trade Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome and the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center in Milan to be the exhibitor at the Macfrut Spice and Herbs Expo 2023 in Rimini, Italy.
  • Backed by the Trade Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris for engaging in several business matching activities in Paris.
  • Co-exhibiting at Alimentaria 2022 with the support of the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center in Barcelona and the Trade Attache in Madrid

Trusted By Global Partners


Our products have gracefully found their way into the hands of numerous esteemed pastry chefs, extraction industries, and households across a multitude of European countries​

Our Certifications

Protecting Our Global Vanilla Supply: A Call to Action

The recent shortage from 2018-2020 resulted in a staggering 200% increase in vanilla bean prices. This scarcity was primarily caused by a devastating storm and the impact of climate change on Madagascar, the leading vanilla-producing country. The heavy reliance on one vulnerable region puts the entire global supply at risk.

That is why we are building our curing house at the source of Vanilla in Indonesia. We are committed to producing high-quality vanilla beans that not only meet but exceed the world standard of excellent vanilla criteria. Our beans boast even higher vanillin content and more flavorful aromas, ensuring top-notch quality for our customers.

In Indonesia, we have forged partnerships with vanilla farmers and embraced collaboration with local traders instead of eliminating them. This sustainable and inclusive approach not only safeguards our own operations but also contributes to the resilience of the entire industry. We bring the high quality vanilla in scalable quantities, all at a very competitive price. We firmly believe that high-quality vanilla should be a standard, not a luxury.

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Together, we can work towards securing the future of the vanilla market and ensuring its availability for generations to come

We are Adore Vanilla

These passionate people are the secrets of our sustainable & inclusive business. We are committed to deliver the best products & services.

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